Asperger London Area Group 

    ALAG runs a monthly support group for adults on the autistic spectrum living in the Greater London area although those from elsewhere are welcome. It is a chance to meet others to talk about common issues and to support and help each other. The first half-hour of the meeting is spent socialising and having refreshments. This is followed by the whole group sitting down together to discuss an agreed topic or to hear from different speakers who offer advice and guidance on issues relating to autism. These topics are planned in advance and any member can suggest a future topic. Some of the topics are listed below.

    The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month in Islington from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Booking in advance for new attendees is essential. There is a small entrance fee of £3 (members) or £4 (non-members) to cover the cost of refreshments, including a vegetarian option.
    To find out more about ALAG or book a place to attend any of the meetings email:

    ALAG Meeting

    Tuesday 6th February 2018

    Topic: Would you like to be 'normal' ?

    So what is 'normal?  When it comes to the idea of being 'normal' or 'neurotypical' there are many interpretations laid on this concept, but is it really as attractive as ot appears to be?  Perhaps there's a shift towards the 'new normal' of sharing the human condition, which includes variation and vulnerability.

    A recent BBC documentary featured Chris Packham, of Autumn/Springwatch, fame and how he deals with his Asperger's Syndrome.  Chris Packham asserts in the programme that, if offeredm a cure for his condition, he would refuse it.  He considers being on the spectrum makes him who he is, and he is happy with that.

    If there was a cure for autism, would you refuse it, or would you be tempted...?

    We invite you to come along and join us for this fascinating discussion.  We look forward to hearing your views.

    Email to book your place.

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    Special Interests/Hobbies/Obsessions
    Like nothing else, these define people on the autistic spectrum, both in their intensity, and their range.  Nothing is too unusual or remote, whether it be trainspotting, bird watching, or collecting and storing odd items.  So it would be interesting to hear what hobbies members of the group may have, when they developed them, how intensely do/did they persist with them and, especially when they were children, what effect did their passion for their subject matter impact on those around them.  And has anyone benefited from them say, by making a living from such pursuits.

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    Other Events 


    Pub Evenings

    Owing to Christmas there will be NO pub evening in December. The next pub evening will take place on Wedenesday 31st January, 7.00pm at the White Swan, Upper Street, Islington two minutes walk from Highbury and Islington station (Victoria, Great Northern & London Overground Lines).   If there are more than five attendees, the plan is to have these on a regular basis so please make the effort and come.  It is intended to be an informal evening where members will have a chance to get to know eachother more.


    Calendar of Autism Events

    David Mery has very kindly created an integrated calendar of UK autism related events that may be of interest and relevance to our members. These events can be found on the following web page

    We would like to thank David for his resourcefulness in coming up with this calendar of events and we hope you find it as useful as we have. David is happy to receive feedback and suggestions.